Solemn Sunday At 'Tree Of Life'


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A new name was added to the Rosemont Tree of Life at Lange Park on Sunday.

The late Dennis J. Sierociuk became the 31st young Rosemont resident to be remembered in a small memorial garden along Scott Street at the Graff Drive entrance.

The memorial program debuted on July 14, 1996. Marlene Chihoski, Chris Haubner and Rosalie Lennstrom had realized how many of the village’s young people had died in its first few decades. Those recognized must be 29 or younger.

In a small community, every life was precious, but children who had suffered illness or died from accidents, seemed a special loss.

They got permission to plant a tree -- the “Tree of Life” -- and gathered donations to create the first plaque. Over time, the original list has had additions. A ceremony is held, generally at the July Voters League Picnic at Lange Park.

Names on the plaque include: James Bolas, Brian Cahill, Tony Carriero, Allen Chapman, Kevin Michael Cooper, James Davajon, Joey Dworak, Sandy Ghose, Christina Iovano, Jason Jamrosek, William Edward Jensen, Sandra J. Jorgensen, June Klesczyk, Steve Kopecki.

Also: Lynn Krumwiede, James Lemke, Brenden McGovern, Patricia Moe, Linda Narlock, John O’Neil, Kathy Petrie, Alexander Rosado II, Nicolas Rosado, Dawn Marie Sansone.

Also: Alex Edward Victoria, Matthew l. Vollmer, Buddy Whitworth, Bryant P. Knauss, Michael A. Holtman, William P. Holtman and Dennis J. Sierociuk.

Chihoski says the team has added a statue of two children, urns for flowers, and other decorations around the tree. They paid for a Tree of Life bench where families or friends can sit and meditate.

Names are only added with the family’s permission.
The committee does accept donations toward upkeep, landscaping and ongoing upgrades. Anyone interested in information or in making a donation can address letters to the Tree of Life fund, care of Lange Park, 6140 Scott St., Rosemont IL 60018, or call Marlene Chihoski at 847-826-0377.

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