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As the clock struck midnight on Jan. 1, 2018, Parkway Bank officially took over naming rights of Rosemont’s entertainment district, formerly MB Financial Park. With the new year comes a new name, and Rosemont and Parkway Bank officials unveiled the new logo they worked together on developing for the occasion.

“A key team made up of Parkway Bank officials and Rosemont marketing staff regularly met to discuss each step in the new logo creation process,” said Rosemont Creative and Design Director, Stacy Schuster. “The new name for the entertainment district was determined first, and the logo quickly followed.”

While the two groups joined forces on deciding what the logo should look like and what is should include, Schuster was responsible for designing the final logo. However, she said the finished product came from various discussions, concepts, and ideas shared between Rosemont marketing staff and Parkway Bank representatives. Although she designed the image, she stressed the collaborative nature of the process.

While designing the logo, the two groups wanted to express the characteristics and personality of both the bank and Rosemont.

“Our goal was to create a logo that represented aspects of the Parkway Bank brand, while also representing Rosemont and the fun and vibrancy found in our entertainment district,” said Schuster.

The new logo will grace signs throughout the park, including those in the parking garage, on pole banners, and digital signs, as well. The Rosemont Village Board recently approved nearly $130,000 to change the signs throughout the park.

Additionally, the entertainment district’s website will undergo a revamp, making sure the new name and logo reflects across the park’s digital presence.

Parkway Bank reached a deal with the village of Rosemont for naming rights in October 2017.
Under the deal, Parkway Bank will pay Rosemont $600,000 each year for naming rights to the 200,000-square-foot entertainment park. The park features 13 dining and entertainment venues surrounding a large, grassy lawn that is used to host concerts, workouts and more during the summer months; ice skating in the winter months; and seasonal festivals throughout the year.

Parkway Bank is locally owned and headquartered in the Northwest suburbs, with 32 branches throughout Illinois and Arizona.


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