Two of Rosemont's parking garage murals have been featured on for Amazing Urban Transformations: Parking Garages as Artworks. Both of the featured murals are located in the parking garage at Parkway Bank Park Entertainment District. 

Grand Imperial
The Village of Rosemont, Illinois has been a major force in public space beautification and their public art initiative, headed by award-winning artist Rahmaan Statik, has transformed the Williams Street Garage into a dazzling showcase for 40 wall murals. "Grand Imperial" (pictured) by Statik and assistant artist Andy Bellemo pays homage to European art during the Renaissance period and is an innovative mix of spray paint and glass mosaic on concrete.

Jewel of the Nile
Among the 40 wall murals that adorn the facades, exteriors and interiors of the Williams Street Garage in the Village of Rosemont, Illinois is "Jewel of the Nile," a work that is inspired by the ancient art of the Mediterranean. Lead artist Rahmaan Statik and assistant artist Andy Bellemo created this colorful mural from spray paint and glass mosaic.

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