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The Spring Fun Fest is back in Rosemont, providing Rosemont residents an afternoon and evening of free family fun, celebrating the end of cold temperatures and the sunshine and warmer weather returning.

On Saturday, May 12, residents from Rosemont and beyond are invited to partake in the Spring Fun Fest at Parkway Bank Park from 1 to 6 p.m. on the park’s large, central lawn.

The event -- along with all activities -- is free. During the event, a plethora of family-friendly activities are available to kids and adults of all ages. Music caters to both adults and children. The band Sushi Roll will provide entertainment for the whole family, while a performance by Istvan and His Imaginary Band caters more to the younger attendees in the crowd.

“Our assistant general manager [Rick Weigand] is very well versed in all of that kind of staff, so he looks through all the different bands, and people also reach out and submit their bands and different music options,” said Michelle McDonald of Parkway Bank Park. “He goes through them, and he weeds through them and gets the ones that he likes.”

Attendees to the Fest will find vendors sprinkled across the field offering balloon sculptors, face painting, bounce houses, cornhole, and -- new this year -- a petting zoo.

“Face painting is usually a big one,” McDonald said. “And the bounce houses are always something that the kids are drawn to.”

McDonald said the Spring Fun Fest is similar to the Fall Fest that occurs at Parkway Bank Park. The goal is putting on a family-friendly event that celebrates the season and brings people together outside.

“We just like providing different opportunities, not just the nightlife,” McDonald said. “We also [like] to have family-friendly events every once in a while.”

These seasonal festivals have been going on for a number of years, providing Rosemont residents with a fun alternative to a normal Saturday at home.

While McDonald said she did not have an estimate of how many people will attend the event in May, she said that anyone from anywhere is welcome to attend the free festival.

On the day of the Spring Fun Fest, McDonald said she and other Parkway Bank Park staff arrive up to an hour before the Fest is to start. Vendors arrive early, as well, setting up their spots and getting their supplies ready for the crowd to come.

“I set up the layout, I help with making sure everybody is where they’re supposed to be,” McDonald said. “On the day of, I’m kind of doing all sort of different [things].”

In addition to Parkway Bank Park, vendors bring their own staff, and members of Rosemont Public Safety attend, as well.

As for the families in Rosemont, they appreciate the chance to get outside with their families and have some fun. McDonald said the public generally enjoys the free events, and she enjoys watching the Fest come together after months of behind-the-scenes work coordinating with vendors. Since this year’s Spring Fest falls on Mother’s Day weekend, she hopes it’s an impetus for families to spend some time together.

“I think that it’s just a nice event for families to come out together,” McDonald said. “We’re hoping it will be a nice, warm day. It’s just a nice place to be, a nice place to hangout.”


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