This Is the Most Affordable Place to Spend Memorial Day Weekend



The official start to the summer—otherwise known as Memorial Day weekend—is fast approaching. That means it's time for rosé, barbeques, sand, sun, and travel. Whether you prefer to spend the time-honored tradition at the beach or in the backyard, now is the perfect time to gather up your friends and make plans. If budget is a factor, fret not. There are plenty of affordable destinations you can travel to for the first real weekend of summer.

In honor of its 20th anniversary, Priceline is launching 20 days of deals with the goal of saving travelers a grand total of $50 million in time for the summer season. The travel company has also taken the liberty of analyzing its wealth of data to determine the most affordable destinations for Memorial Day weekend 2018. They looked at comparison data between 2017 and 2018 Priceline bookings to help you plan the perfect Memorial Day vacation that won't eat through all of your savings. Here are the best spots to hit for an affordable Memorial Day weekend getaway.

1. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
2. Saint Petersburg, Floridafr
3. Cincinnati, Ohio
4. Detroit, Michigan
5. Minneapolis, Minnesota
6. La Jolla, California
7. Louisville, Kentucky
8. Dallas, Texas
9. Denver, Colorado
10. Atlantic City, New Jersey
11. New Orleans, Louisiana
12. Saint Louis, Missouri
13. Lake Buena Vista, Florida
14. Irving, Texas
15. Tampa, Florida
16. Indianapolis, Indiana
17. Savannah, Georgia
18. Rosemont, Illinois
19. Baltimore, Maryland
20. Newport, Rhode Island

Head to one of these cities for a relaxing weekend away with friends and family to ring in the season of sun and surf. Full article.

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