Village Approves Sewer Upgrades


Lauren Barry

This summer, over 2,000 ft. of sewers in Rosemont will get a makeover to prevent stormwater from entering the village sewer system.

An approximate $75,800 proposal to install “Cured-In-Place” lining in old sewer pipes from Insituform Technologies was approved by the Rosemont Village Board June 14.

The lining is typically installed by placing a tube made of resin, polyester and fiberglass into sewers through a manhole. Once in place, the tube is expanded to fit the dimensions of the sewer, and hardened.

“It's a way of replacing them without replacing them,” said Village Attorney Peter Coblentz of the project. He said the liners should last years after they are installed.

Municipalities regularly must maintain sewers to prevent stormwater leakage and backup pollution into the Chicago River, Coblentz explained.

Rosemont Mayor Brad Stephens Monday (June 26) said the project should be completed sometime this summer. No traffic obstructions are expected to result from the work, according to Coblentz. 

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