Village, Contractor Ink New Agreement For Snow Removal


Rosemont residents near Allstate Arena, and those who regularly travel through the area, including pedestrians, may be relieved to learn that consistent and reliable snow removal is returning this winter.

An agreement for another year of snow plowing and removal services for the area of 81 apartment buildings, sandwiched between Touhy and Lunt avenues between Barry and Lyndon Avenue up to Chestnut Street, was approved by the Rosemont Village Board in November.

The agreement calls for Kramer Tree Specialists, Inc., of West Chicago, to provide snow removal services for the 2016-17 winter season through April 15, 2017. As an independent contractor they will work directly with the Rosemont Public Works director.

According to the agreement, Kramer is to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and have snow removal completed within two hours of when work begins. They’ll be expected to keep all hydrants in the area clear of snow while moving from east to west. Snow is not to be pushed up on sidewalks, according to the contract.

As for costs, a monthly bill will be sent to the village from Kramer. Costs are determined on the size of the snowfall. For instance, prices for snow removal from parking lots along with salt applications for a snowfall event of 2 to 3.9 inches will cost about $3,550.

The agreement calls for snow to be removed from all common driveways and parking lots serving the 81 apartment buildings. It also calls from Kramer to salt the area after removing the snow.

The area where the apartments are located is in the village’s special service area (SSA) 2, approved by the village board Nov. 13, 2013. Property taxes collected by the village through the SSA allow Rosemont to provide governmental services in the area including parking lot paving, replacement of stormwater sewer facilities, snowplowing and solid waste collection. To help pay for those services, on Nov. 9 the village board approved the sum of $270,903 to be levied on all taxable property within SSA 2 for the 2016 tax year.

The $270,903, according to village ordinance 2016-11-9, would include payment for engineering consulting fees, construction supervision and inspection costs, temporary easement acquisition costs, insurance costs and attorney fees incurred in connection with the provision of such special services.

Prior to SSA 2, individual building owners were responsible for providing those services.

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