Village Distributes Thousands of Masks to Rosemont Residents


Rosemont Journal

The recent program in Rosemont to provide local residents protective masks to stem the spread of the coronavirus, was a joint effort by various village employees.

Kristin Root, Rosemont’s health officer, came up with the idea in early April that quickly attracted many other employees from the housing, creative design and public safety departments.

According to Mayor Brad Stephens, the program kicked-off with the village purchasing 30,000 masks. Once they were received, employees of the public safety department went to work hand-delivering the items to residents of single-family homes, apartments, condominiums and 3-flats within the Scott Street subdivision south of Higgins Road.

At about the same time, village employees got to work preparing masks for mail delivery to residents of the condominium complexes Executive Estates and O’Hare-Glenlake, to apartments near the Allstate Arena and to apartments behind the 7 11 store that’s located on Higgins.

Stephens said the masks that were mailed were placed inside an envelope and a paper note attached notifying people what was inside the envelope and some details about the program. The envelopes were delivered to the Des Plaines Post Office on April 15 and then to the large Palatine Post Office plant for processing. However, local residents did not start receiving the packages until late last week due to an understaffing problem in the Palatine facility.

Village employees who worked on the program led by Kristin Root included members of the health, housing, creative design and public safety departments.

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