Village of Rosemont Officials Consider New Site For Village Hall


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With construction of a new 100,000 sq. ft. public safety building planned to begin later this year, village of Rosemont officials are considering looking for a new site for village hall.

The community’s public safety department administrative and dispatching offices have been located within village hall, 9501 W. Devon Ave., for many years. But with the development of a new state-of-the-art public safety building in the area north of the Allstate Arena, preliminary discussion has begun about the future use of the Devon facility.

“We’re thinking about the future of the village and the public safety department moving out of village hall,” said Mayor Brad Stephens on Monday. “Do we want to stay there or look at options? It may make sense to get it on the TIF rolls.”

The building lies within a village Tax Increment Financing District where property tax income generated after the TIFs creation is deposited into a village fund to be used for future development and improvements. Because it is a government-owned building, village hall does not currently produce any tax revenue for Rosemont or local taxing units of government.

“The village is going to review its options whether to stay in village hall after public safety moves out. Potentially we’ll look for a site to build a small stand-alone building on, to partner with someone where there are a number of tenants, or take a look at existing space,” the mayor added.

The new public safety building will be located on property that for many years has been occupied by small industrial buildings south of Touhy Avenue. The village has been purchasing those buildings for demolition. The public safety headquarters is expected to cost between $40 and $50 million. The opening of the facility is expected sometime in 2021.

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