Village Prepares New Brighter Holiday Displays


By: Diane Turner-Hurns
Journal & Topics Reporter

There’s a reason why Christmas holiday lights are now being placed on trees, buildings and throughout Rosemont.

More than one million light bulbs of all colors, sizes and brightness are in the process of being installed throughout the village in preparation of being turned on Nov. 27 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont Theater, Westin Park, Village Hall, Dunne Park and at other highly visible locations.

Then on Nov. 29, not only will the holiday display and community Christmas tree light up at Stephens Park at Scott Street and Higgins Road, but also a new comprehensive holiday display that will also be unveiled.

“We did get a lot of new decorations this year and we’ll be putting them up in the next few weeks,” said Rosemont Public Works Director Michael Raimondi. “We actually started two weeks ago. This year we’ll again work with a contractor who is installing the lights in other areas of the Village for us such as MB Financial Park. All in all, once completed and the lights are on, it should be an amazing display. People, I believe, will be pleased.”

Raimondi noted that village officials hope to keep some of the new decorations a secret until the lights are illuminated Nov. 27, saying it’s just something different. He also noted that the display will be brighter than last year due to new LED lights that will be used.

Last July, Rosemont Village Board members approved a proposal to design, create, fabricate and install a new comprehensive Christmas display at Stephens Park this fall. Chicago Scenic Studios, Inc. will be paid $160,100 for the work. The Journal & Topics reported earlier that the company is retrofitting existing Rosemont displays that are erected every year at the well-known local park.

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