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By Lynn Sweet  Aug 22, 2019, 12:32pm CDT | Chicago Sun Times

WASHINGTON — Chicago’s major role in making the 2020 Democratic convention possible in hotel-challenged Milwaukee emerged Thursday, with the Chicago Sun-Times learning that 26 of the 57 delegations will be assigned to hotels in Rosemont or Lake County.

Of the 16,000 hotel rooms needed for the convention, 5,000 rooms will be in Illinois and 11,000 in Wisconsin, according to the Democratic National Committee. Clusters of hotels in Rosemont near O’Hare and in Lake County near Great America in Gurnee each are assigned 13 delegations.

Joe Solmonese, the DNC Convention CEO, told the Chicago Sun-Times, “Illinois has large hotels which lets us house delegations under one roof.” Buses for the delegates will run from the hotel clusters to Milwaukee.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker cheered the Milwaukee convention business spillover for Illinois. Spokesman Emily Bittner told the Sun-Times in a statement, “Pritzker fought to bring the convention to the Midwest in part because it’s great for Illinois businesses. Illinois will proudly welcome guests to the 2020 Democratic convention as we play a major role in showcasing the vitality and importance of the Midwest to the nation.

“The thousands of visitors staying in Illinois or traveling here will provide a boost to our economy, and people from all over the United States will get to enjoy the world-class hospitality of our state.”

The giant Democratic delegation from California is assigned to a hotel in Rosemont, about 80 miles from downtown Milwaukee, a drive that on a day with no horrible traffic takes about an hour and 21 minutes.

Delegates from swing state Pennsylvania will stay a little closer, in a Lake County hotel; still, that drive will be at least an hour.


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